Thursday 13 January 2011

Hear The Psyche Hum Cyclically

Another album I wanted to talk about before 2010 finished up, but I only received it before New Years Eve, so Im excused! Its by a small two piece act from Gainseville, Florida called Hear Hums. Mitch and Kenzie make weird experimental electronic pop of the Animal Collective mould, and Psyche Cycles, their second LP (out through Crash Symbols) is an amazing pastiche of bubbling noises and woozy beats. Each track bleeds into the next, coming across as a technicolour, breathing mass of propulsive ectoplasm, talking out of the television from a videodrome of its own creation. Its very DIY, yet incredibly organic and crisp. Its a worthy release, thats for sure.

Check out the video for the first two tracks of the album, 'Cerebellum'/'Woo', plus another track 'Ay' below...

Hear Hums - Ay

Cerebellum/Woo - Hear Hums from Hear Hums on Vimeo.

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