Saturday 29 January 2011

Slow Animal Shoot Fun In The Sun

I spoke about Slow Animal back in October, offering you their free (still!) demo and the stellar track off it, 'Dolt Heart' (check it out here). Well a short while back the New Jersey duo dropped their debut release, theFUNsun 7'', on Jaxart Records.

'theFUNsun' was a track on the said demo, and here it is in a more frivolous, resplendent cone of fuzzy craziness. It actually reminds me of Best Coast if led by a boy more interested in demolition derbies than cats. It is a catchy number, despite the inanity of it all, and that's why I love it! The echoed dual howling of reverbed vocals evokes a more esoteric garage outfit, which showcases the type of sound Slow Animal may encapsulate on future releases. B-side 'Saturday Mourning' is just as good - a slightly darker take on the swinging garage sound, like a Raveonettes cover band taking on the current surf rock trend, yet failing to slow down their time signatures or bring enough sunshine - black jeans dont work on the beach, cuz! Its a great 7" this one, and the coolest thing is that, as they say in 'Saturday Mourning', they dont want to change the world. They probably never will. But they will shake the foundations all the same.

And this is the first South By South West reference we have of the year, as Slow Animal will be in Austin Texas tearing things up on March 15. Dont worry - they'll more than hold their own.

theFUNsun is out now.

Slow Animal - theFUNsun
Slow Animal - Saturday Mourning

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