Tuesday 25 January 2011

Brendan Masala Signs Off From The UK - With A Glass Of Harvey To The Face

Ive always had a morbid fascination with getting glassed...anyway...

This post is an interesting one, as it is primarily about a release from last year that I ummed and ahhed about, before forgetting to really focus on it. But as Hydra Head are releasing it in vinyl as of today, I thought I might spend a little time with Harvey Milk and A Small Turn Of Human Kindness. This album has been a divisive one for HM's fanbase - many seeing this as a step down from what made them essentially great. I dont know how - this is still tonally Harvey Milk, no question - there is dirgelike heavy riffage, thick sheets of white noise, and incredible instrumentation permeating this suite of sound. Because of how the album is presented it means you have to listen to the entire album, which scares off some, whilst also proving too lyrical in part by some heavy purists. But all in all A Small Turn Of Human Kindness IS Harvey Milk, pure and simple, and should not be overlooked - so lucky for today's vinyl release then!

This post has another interesting hue painted over its edges, as it is the last official post I will contribute from the 'sunny' shores of the United Kingdom. Due to a bunch of c's down at the Home Office that unceremoniously lost their thumbs up their arses for three months, my time darkening the doorways of London has come to an end, so I am winging my way back to Australia to regroup and plan the next chapter in my neverending quest for global domination. But never fear - whilst Paul will continue to wave the SM flag unerringly in the UK, I will endeavour to enact my own form of imperialism by claiming Down Under in the name of Sonic Masala. Expect more light to be shed on our Antipodean noise brethren, a few obscure reviews and interviews, and a lot more besides.

Oh and finally, whilst purchasing Harvey Milk at Hydra Head, please PLEASE get Helms Alee's brilliant Night Terrors = its only four bucks!


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