Sunday 2 January 2011

Beach Fossils Bring Cayler To Life

Dustin Payseur's Beach Fossils outfit had a happy 2010, culminating in the release of the solid self-titled release that I covered here. They are intending to continue riding the self-made wave of lo-fi guitar pop goodwill with the release of EP What A Pleasure through Captured Tracks in February, followed by a new LP later on. This track has been about for a couple weeks, but with the lists fiesta we had here I missed the boat first time around. 'Cayler', whilst still adhering to the hazy meandering shimmer of the past (and of what we expect from a Captured Tracks release) is somewhat clearer here, all the better to hear Payseur's vocals, and highlighting a Joy Division bent. Its nothing new, but its a happy track to bring in my New Year.

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