Saturday 22 January 2011

Aristocracy Doesnt Change This Flight Of Fancy

Just been sittin' on the couch, loungin' 'bout, eatin' pasta from the saucepan and listenin' to Voyageurs' newie Alien Iverson. Sure, the posh take on voyagers is duly noted, but a spacier psych jam you arent likely to find - except that the longest song here runs for only four and a half minutes! Its fresh, I tells ya. White Moon Recordings is responsible for this delectable discovery - yeah, they's folks over in Florida that have procured gems from the likes of Signs, Mean Moon and Waylon Thorton - the coolest independent psych label coming outta Gainesville. Head over to the band's website to get this, plus their last two releases that they have put out - in the past five months. Toasty.

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