Monday 17 January 2011

Monday Cover Up - 2 Tracks not talking

Yet again a busy week means the Friday Cover-up takes the toll so I hope this Monday Cover-up will ease you into your Monday afternoon.

Its often that a good cover version can throw a new angle onto a track, remold it and give it a different guise. One cover lets you compare it to the original track, naturally, but when two covers of the same jam land at the same time then it can show up all sorts of comparisons. So when Ty Segall's quality cover of the early G G Allin track Don't Talk To Me for Daytrotter started do the blog rounds recently I instantly wanted to compare it Hank Haint's version of the same track I landed just before Christmas, two garage fuzz friendly one man bands reworking a punk classic. Twice the cover up value. So below is Ty Segall's and Hank Haint's version of Don't Talk To Me and just complete the trio set there's also G G Allin's original.

Don't Talk To Me - Ty Segall
Don't Talk To Me - Hank Haint
Don't Talk To Me - GG Allin

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