Saturday 8 January 2011

Kitchen Wallet Be Watching You Motherfuckers

Or so they say. Kitchen Wallet have just released There's Still A Kitchen In My Wallet, 8 songs of 8-bit keys and crazy syncopated feral drumming, all of which I am enamoured and freaked out by. Im sure that was the intention! I get a Zach Hill vibe - not because it sounds anything like him (other than the intense drums), but that the template is used to basically fuck with anything that moves in the musical terrain that these guys traverse. Equal parts SNES wizardry, piano carnivale, Animal from The Muppets and an overdose on illegal diet pills and egg nog, There's Still A Kitchen In My Wallet offers childlike delight, the gnashing of rotten teeth and a nausea-inducing headache, all at once...

Whats more, not only can you download the release for free at their site, but you can buy it in 3.5" diskette form! Painfully slow, but with a healthy dose of 90s nostalgia.

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