Monday 3 January 2011

The Beets Age Well When They Stay At Home

I mentioned last year that I didn't 'get' The Beets until I became hooked on their track 'What Did I Do'. Well they are hitting 2011 hard, with not one but TWO releases out on Captured Tracks, both coming out on the same day, January 11. Whilst I havent heard much from their second LP Stay Home, I am lucky enough to have the Time Brought Age 7", and it has helped to heighten my excitement. Featuring 2 tracks that wont be on the album, it displays two beautiful sides for the group - 'Time Brought Age' is a lackadaisical affair, infused with some slowed down Stones (hence the reference on the rad cover art), whilst 'Pick Another Corner' is mired in the garage wastelands of the familiar, yet definitive, Beets. Seeing as they are incessant on the live stage in the US, we should see them gracing our shores soon.

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