Wednesday 12 January 2011

Sey Hollo Shows Conciseness In Growth

Sebastian Larsson, the Swedish one-man post rock army known as Sey Hollo, is bringing out a new album. The EP, Growth, follows on rather succinctly from last year's self-titled release (see my review of it here) - in fact in the short form the power of Larsson's instrumental compositions is magnified. Larsson says that the modus operandi for these songs remains the same, with the only alteration being an emphasis on piano rather than organs. Well, opener 'Eunoia' makes that clear - the piano is clearer, crisper, and somehow more emotive. The slightly eerie voice samples remain intact, as does the crunching distorted riffs that crash over the song halfway through. 'World Trade Centre' again has that brooding apocalyptic feel that Sey Hollo evoked, but is better realised here. The title track emulates the opening track of Sey Hollo, 'Dependistas' - but its the closer, 'Vita Si Chakula' that works to bring the emotion back to the sound. Whilst this may feel like a condensed version of his album of last year, Sey Hollo is proving to the world that it only takes one man to create evocatively rendered instrumental soundscapes with all the brute force of the heavyweights of the genre. As Ive stated before - keep an eye on this guy.

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