Sunday 30 January 2011

Ghost Cat! Hyper Hazard! Waskerley Way!

God, I know a certain someone who is gonna love this shit...

Another SM favourite, Waskerley Way wastes no time returning to the fold in 2011, with this 2 track single release setting up an imminent album, Waterfall, to come our way in April via Wonder Beard Tapes.

And the cat theme continues...

'Ghost Cat' is 80s cheese personified - disco, tinny beats, you can feel the whiplash from dodgin all the frizzy hair and eyestrain from the technicolour. But despite this (or possibly because of it) 'Ghost Cat' becomes an infuriatingly catchy number that runs you ragged before shambling out the door, leaving you in a pile of John Hughes VHS tapes and Madonna's scrunchies with a giant smile on your face.

'Hyper Hazard' has more of the dream acid wash synonymous with previous WW releases, but maintains the incessant danceable beats, heightened with a guitar line that is a spike to the heart of effervescent joy.

Ive always liked Waskerley Way's output, but if these two tracks are any indication, he is about to drop one hell of a catchy and fun record that deserves to be earning its own square on the shoe scuffed dancefloor. Here is the tracklist for Waterfall -

Ghost Cat
Tida’ Apa
Haram Haram
Salome Cat
Liero Cat
Hyper Hazard
Sense Of Humour Remains Largely Intact

Pick up these two tracks, plus previous EP Energy Legs, here.

Waskerley Way - Ghost Cat
Waskerley Way - Hyper Hazard

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