Thursday 20 January 2011

The Swell Of The Secret Serf

I missed the boat on Tape Deck Mountain first time around. The San Diego band's debut Ghosts hit back in 2009, and it was an impressive if somewhat disjointed affair. Well now they are back with Secret Serf (out on Lefse Records), a four track EP that is not just impressive, but pretty damn great, and properly showcases the duo's penchant for spacey dreamgaze. Sure, every boy and his Stratocaster is aping My Bloody Valentine these days to varying effect - but when it is simply one of the best sonic sounds ever, there is always room for another act to jostle for recognition. The thing is, if this release is anything to go by, Tape Deck Mountain are primed to be leaders of the pack. Opener 'P.I.' is the only clear vocal track present, the rest being swept away in the sunkissed fuzz like many of its beach pop oriented brethren. But the key here is that this is not a Spector-worshipping summer play - it at its heart is a tape pop record, with a huge expansive sound propelling the tracks forward (the melancholic 'Trevor' sounds like a rockier Low covering Pixies' 'Silver', whilst the all-encompassing title track begs to be listened to whilst stuck in a pea soup mist). Tape Deck Mountain have given the world their take on skewed dream noise pop, done at a languid pace, and its admirable stuff. I know we are early in the year, but this is my favourite EP - nay, release - thus far. (Actually that is a big call, but its my favourite this week, ok???)

Tape Deck Mountain are currently embarking on a tour of the West Coast of the US - if you are around, I strongly suggest you make it a priority to catch these guys - they're only getting started.

Tape Deck Mountain - P.I.

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