Thursday 6 January 2011

Heil Marley! Sieg Heil Mark E Smith!

The first few seconds of opening track 'Brief Terror' was all it took for me to be permanently hooked on Teenage Panzerkorps (or DER TPK if you're so inclined to acronyise...) Formerly calling Siltbreeze their home, the German act via Los Angeles and San Francisco have unleashed, in new LP German Reggae (on Holidays Records), the kind of post punk that The Fall are infamous for, yet with more abrasive squalls of guitar white noise, trampling and fumbling paranoiac drums, insistent bass rumblings, and with Bunker Wolf's German at times laconic/at times ranting vocals over the top. It insists that you listen to it, again and again. Its lo fi production perfectly complements the claustrophobic feel of each angular hook. I thought January was going to be a cracker month for a few reasons, I just wasnt expecting it to start off with such an agitated bang. This is a great release, and the more of you that buy into this the better the world will be...I think.

Keep tabs on Holidays Records for release dates for German Reggae.

Now, everyone, pass the duchie on the left hand side, and do the Goosestep!

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