Friday 28 January 2011

Mogwai Electrify With A B-Side

I have had a copy of Mogwai's forthcoming longplayer Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will for some time now, and through listening to it with friends there has been much debate as to the quality of the direction the Glasgow noisemeisters have taken. However there is one thing that hasnt been debated - and its that the B-Side on the Rano Pano single 7", 'Hasenheide', is Mogwai at their blistering best. Concise at just over 3 minutes, 'Hasenheide' feels like an outtake of The Hawk Is Howling that should have well and truly made the cut - it rivals 'Batcat' and 'Glasgow Mega Snake' in its brutality. I can understand why it didnt make the upcoming album, but once again Im keeping my cards close to my chest - you will understand more in a couple weeks when we review it in full. Until then, buy the single (available at Sub Pop here) for the B-side alone.

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