Friday 28 January 2011

Bomb That Dirty Party Store!

Hello crazy kids! Its Uncle Brendan Masala, all the way from Brisbane, Australia. The place is a bit of a shambles with that pesky flooding business, but its business as usual here on Planet Sonic.

So the first thing on my desk (other than those pesky Glaswegains Mogwai, that you can read about below) as a newly reacquainted Australian is not an Antipodean noise merchant, but perennial Detroit garage rocksters The Dirtbombs. Their Party Store (on In The Red) is essentially a covers album, albeit an obscure one, as they do their thang over the top of old local techno tracks - huh? Listen to 'Shari Vari', 'Good Life,' the happily repetitive 'Strings Of Life' or even the mammoth 21 minute 'Bugs In The Bassbin' and you'll see that this is just another brilliant move by a band that have been quietly infusing rock and roll with dirty sleazy injections for over a decade now. Its whats beautiful about the Dirtbombs - no matter what they do, it is filled with such reinterpretation and verve that everything they touch becomes inherently cool. The Dirtbombs have here incorporated the groove the originals would have had into their own DIY aesthetic, in what becomes a incredibly addictive and cohesive album. I have to say, I have really liked January 2011 - what with Sic Alps, Tape Deck Mountain, Young Prisms, Disappears, Creepoid, Lubec, The Beets, Action Beat, Bardo Pond - and you can firmly place The Dirtbombs in this heavily crowded higher echelon.

Party Store is out now.

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