Friday 7 January 2011

Sweet Bulbs in full bloom

Back in September a bit of fuss surfaced in blogosphere (including us at SM) about new Brooklynites Sweet Bulbs. Bitter sweet noise soaked intense indie pop, drenched in warm distortion and discord. It seems familiar ground at first, My Bloody Valentine being an obvious reference, but dig deeper and you have to admit this band have got a certain something that elevates them above other fuzz soaked, lady led outfits. Maybe its the band's past pedigree, Sweet Bulbs' members count Michael Jordan, Le Rug and The Crayons amongst their past adventures, "Breeders if their guitars sounded more like lasers." according to Dylan from Cloud Nothings.

Well its time for the Brooklyn quartet to take the next step with Blackburn Recordings dropping their debut 12" LP on the 15th. Pre-order it here. There's also a new track doing the rounds too, 'Down On My Life', taste below. And thanks to a tip off from Altered Zones, you can download a free live album from Beast Reality.

Sweet Bulbs - Down On My Life

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