Wednesday 5 January 2011

Mickey Brown's Soul Glos

Where do you even start? Those scorched airwave rapscallions otherwise known as Mickey Mickey Rourke and Lester Brown have joined forces again, Voltron style, to become Mickey Brown. Their last effort, last year's Vision Quest, was a warped carousel of sonic acrobatics. Now they are hitting us with their follow up, Soul Glo. Its easily as frenetic and schizophrenic as its predecessor, loop heavy, distortion laden, and weird as fuck, but it also offers a few new curveballs - the dreamy carnivale chill of 'Mojo Jojo' shows a natural progression, whilst 'Melt Me' is a earnest if candy-coloured rnb hip hop treat, albiet in the shape of a throbbing penis. Its incessantly weird, but Mickey Brown insist that they cant not have fun - and you will be pulled along in their swirling, fucked-up wake.


  1. none of the box links are working :/ any clue on what to do to solve this? thanks!

  2. Just a short term glich, it should be sorted now.