Monday 24 January 2011

Rising Up Off The Beach

Twin Lakes Records, the new label started by members of MYTY KONKEROR (whose LP I miss the future. was a great release late last year - hear about it here), is releasing its first ever 7" piece o' vinyl. The lucky contributor? Michael Beach, former member of Australia's Electric Jellyfish. He has made the move from Melbourne to San Francisco, and his prepping a new album with producer Raymond Raposa (Castanets) and engineer Seth Lorinczi (Corin Tucker Band). The two tracks showcase the troubadour within Beach, my favourite being the B side 'The Exhilarating Rise' due to its Velvet Underground sound, hiss and attitude.

The vinyl is out February 8th, which you can pre-order now, or you can name your price for a digital copy over on Beach's Bandcamp.

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