Monday 24 January 2011

Gnodding Off With The Middle Sex

Gnod, sonic representatives of the Salfordian Republic of Psych, have done it again. They have been busy sparring with the likes of Bong and White Hills, plus gracing the Not Not Fun stables, but their ever-expanding notion of mindtripping domination has just reached its next phase.

I have to say that this spilt LP with A Middle Sex (put out by Blackest Rainbow) is grand. One track on either side by the two self flagellating sonic marauders. Gnod opens proceedings with 'Why Dont You Smile Like The Other Children?', and its twenty minutes of a manipulated groove that is eked out into a tunnel of psychedelic bliss - pretty much what you'd expect from them, really... Then comes A Middle Sex's 'Polytheism', which at seventeen minutes may be Gnod's junior, but punches above its weight with its short swirling intro that gives way to ten minutes of incessant percussion, electronic blips/splurges and underworldly vocals. Its all decidedly weird - Im not sure what they are taking up in Manchester, but it sure wont be found behind the counter at your local pharmist.

Get the Gnod/A Middle Sex split LP here. Below is Gnod's brainmelter in all its glory!

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