Wednesday 19 January 2011

4 way Christchurch Earthquake Musicathon

There was an earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, Back in September. This is a fairly unprecedented event for the region, causing all kinds of havoc and damage, but also apparently moved the earth's surface 11 ft to the right! Fucking mental. A few buildings fell down, including people's homes. Some won't be standing for much longer.

Local label City Kids Records decided to infiltrate one of these 'condemned' buildings with a few microphones, and record four local bands. These four EP releases helps to further shatter my claim back in 2006 that there werent many good bands kicking about on the South Island. Villain's Away offers five slices of melancholic meandering rock a la The National; Devotion's How To Fall Apart mines similar territory but with a more anger-fuelled, Joy Division meets The Twilight Sad-esque bent; whilst Sleeping With Students' Get Your Hands Off My Molly! and Gigglepop's Got My Dog offers more tropical garage punk, mirroring the trends and, in Gigglepop's case at least, aping some of the snot nosed working class Brits that did this indie shtick well a couple years ago. Its all pretty impressive stuff, and you cant get much better DIY production and values than whats on offer here.

All four EPs are available for free download too, which is doubly (or quadruply?) ace. Get them here, here, here and here respectively. I suggest you do so - these are fun, quality releases.


  1. Anonymous20/1/11 03:12

    Woooot Woot!! Awesome stuff

  2. Anonymous23/1/11 23:57

    Sleeping with students cant keep in time, some musician's.