Monday 10 January 2011

Faux Discx four way awesome split

Faux Discx could have just dropped the split 7" of the year - a four way slice of epic proportions. Featuring three of Sonic Masala's favourite bands, Fair Ohs, Cold Pumas and crafters of the bittersweet Public Strain, SM's album of the year, Women. Also not forgetting the fourth slice from Friendo. This Anglo-Calgary split features new (ish - Fair Ohs' track 'Jeanneret' featured on volume two of last year's Music Sounds Better With Huw comp) songs from each band and is a complete steal at only £4 for a 7" and downloads.

We've mentioned Women and Cold Pumas (fingers crossed for an LP this year?) enough times on SM, and even south east London's Fair Ohs have had multiple visits to this blog before but as Friendo have only made one appearance on SM before, it's Michael Wallace's trio that feature below. As Brendan mentioned Wallace is Women's drummer but centre stage for Friendo, their delightful sound helping to explain the gentle underbelly of Women. Its the certain Friendo warmth that brings this piece of wax so nicely together, a stripped down DIY simplicity that is just as deserving of your time as the other three awesome bands to grace this 7". Hats off to Faux Discx, any chance of a London gig with the same line up please? Get it here.

Friendo - Pass Times


  1. Tell Brendan to bring a copy of this to Australia. I will pay/trade for it.

  2. Anonymous11/1/11 17:24

    Dude, Ill see what I can do...