Friday 28 January 2011

Late Late Friday Cover Up - Stallone Gets Thrashed

Its actually 8.30am on Saturday morning in Australia, but seeing as I have insomnia (Ive been up for hours), Paul is inundated with various work related issues, and there's still 1 and a half hours of Friday left in the UK, I thought a Friday Cover Up would be nice - what do you think?

Cameron Stallones is a musician that Sonic Masala love, what with his great work with both Magic Lantern and Sun Araw keeping our collective psychedelic juices a-flowin. Here we are focusing on his solo guise as Sun Araw. He has contributed to the soundtrack to indie flick The Woods, which is about to premiere at Sundance. And if this seriously warped version of Neil Young's 'Thrasher' (off Rust Never Sleeps), this will be an incredibly interesting film - we'll keep tabs on how it fares. In the meantime, trip

Sun Araw - Thrasher (Neil Young cover)

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