Monday 31 January 2011

Wet Years Catch A Wave

Wet Years, a three piece out of San Diego, have released 'No Surf', a track that I have listened to nonstop for the past two days. I know nothing about them - I dont know what other releases they have, if any - other than their own meagre press release about the track, stating that No Surf is a hidden beach in San Diego that people like to drink, surf and relax at, and is about a girl who may or may not be psychic - hmmm... However there is no denying this track's devilish charms.

It is befitting really (and here I shall gloat, just a little) that I should arrive in Australia at the height of summer to discover this surf, beach laden gem. But we arent talking beachpop or anything of that ilk - the lyrics, the languid slowburn riptide groove, the soaring vocals, the strength behind the guitar growl here, all combine with the sound of seagulls faintly in the background to tie together what is an insanely good song, and one that has taken my excitement for Wet Years from non-existent to stratospheric in the space of 3 or so minutes.

'When the weight of the world was almost too much for me...I caught a wave.' Favourite track of the year thus far? Could very well be.

Wet Years - No Surf

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