Thursday 15 January 2015

Sit On A Manatee(e) and Spin

Pelican Pow Wow Records is doing a mean streak of garage punk, undercutting the Hozac nation by mainlining the filth and spewing forth the fury. Releases have included Mac Blackout Band and No Bails - and near the tail end of 2014 came Sit & Spin, a puerile gem of a record from Memphis diseased dinguses Manateees. I have been listening to 'Shitwolf' as my "closing off" song at work just as I am about to leave class for the day - never with students in the room, mind, but one day I am sure some 11 year old will come in to ask about Dickens and get blasted in the earhole. 'Cold And Rhythmic' on the other hand is more on the Lower end of the punk spectrum. Basically these guys slide along the tetanus blade of punk rock, from dumb to cerebral, cold to steaming - yet all of it with the cacophonous wires burning white hot. Grab the electric Sit & Spin here.

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