Wednesday 14 January 2015

Moping & Courting In A Halfway House In The City

Brisbane short-form DIY label Tenth Court keeps punching well above its weight. New 7" cab off the rank is Halfway House, the new EP from Sydney's Mope City, a band that has no right being this good when members are already stretched thin with excellent bands such as Day Ravies, King Tears Mortuary, Shrapnel and Snotty Babies. The three tracks on display latch onto a restless urgency that writhes underneath the glistening jangle and sonorous harmonies, intimating a more desperate Go Betweens (the title track), or a moribund, self-flagellating Swirlies ('Blunt Razor'). It's such a great bite-size release - when is the album coming out guys? Seriously?!

Grab Halfway House here.

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