Tuesday 27 January 2015

A Holy Razing

Things are cookin' away nicely over at the Swedish stronghold that is garage psych label PNKSLM. Two heady LPs are on their way.

Firstly there is the one from label honcho Luke Reilly (formerly of the excellent Sex Beet)'s own outfit, Lucern Raze. Stockholm One promises to be a blasted bastard in the vein of Ty Segall, especially if you take the yin and yang that this garage beast promises 'Someone Like You'. The song is a cruiser, ready to take the hiiiiiiigh road, taking things, and girls, as they come. However if you heard the carnage of 'Sunshine Blues' back when, you know that this is the lethargic calm before the cathartic storm. Grab the record here (which is also out on Burger Records next month).

Then there is Stabs, the new album from Swedish hazed psych dwellers HOLY. The crackle and pop inherent in 'Demon's Hand' gives the sense of the five-piece playing in their basement, bedroom or (indeed) garage, light filtering wanly through the small, grimy window, weaving pastoral magic over a landscape bereft of such charms. In other words, they create their own world. I'm extremely intrigued to hear the rest of the record. Grab it here.

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