Tuesday 20 January 2015

Pale Earth Tribes In The Sun

In the next few days I am doing a post about Room40, the global ambient, instrumental, electronic netherspace that is Lawrence English's amorphous label. It is 15 years since the first release hit the metaphorical streets, and there is a lot to look forward to this year, including multiple shows with the likes of William Basinski - but more on that later. I'm here to focus on one release in particular - Sun Tribes, the new EP from Pale Earth.

Each release that Ben Thompson (The Rational Academy, Black Pines) has brought forth a deceptive deconstruction of how electronic music can play out, playing with modulations, pace and beats to explore wide ranging emotions (grief, uncertainty, wistfulness) all derived from ephemeral experiences. Sun Tribes is no different, with the focus on "human interaction illuminated by cold, hard street lights and hazy late night computer screens." Thompson has more experience than most, spending the past couple of years between Brisbane and central Queensland town Emerald, then heading forward to the neon scree of Tokyo. The way in which lives, faces, lights, desires blur together as our timelines unravel like a frayed red carpet, the patterns stretched, marked, faded, yet still discernible. The dreamstates waver, upheld by the inconsistencies of memory and time, yet remains inherently intense,

Pick up Sun Tribes on cassette (through Room40's cassette range A Guide To Saints) from here.

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