Monday 26 January 2015

Seeing Primary Colours On A Compact Disc

Let's finish off this Australia Day with Canberrans Primary Colours who are prepping their Compact Disc/Services Rendered 7". The bass/drums punk/dance noiseniks (Wives' Gus McGrath (also of California Girls) and Jordan Rodger (also of TV Colours)) construct and destruct simultaneously, playing out like the Faint if they hung out at the Jamison Centre. It's raw enough to appeal to the punk aesthetic that permeates the richest seams of the Australian underground, while danceable enough for white hipsters to move their hips a quarter of an inch at a time without breaking a sweat or their crossed arms. There is a lurking menace to 'Services Rendered' though that I would like to become more fully realised - that swing from a more raucous level to something approaching synthetic danger.

Grab the 7" here.

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