Thursday 29 January 2015

Adelaide Blasts From Grid City

Let's finish off as we started today, highlighting the festering brilliance of the Adelaide rock scene, with the compilation from Grid City Itch. Whilst there are only a couple bands I am overtly ofay with (Rule of Thirds/Laiika), I am aware of most of these bands from Adelaidian-at-heart Steph Crase, whose Summer Flake now resides in Melbourne and will be playing our SM Fest in March 14. So the likes of primal spat punk of Men With Chips (a familiar sound in 21st century Australian wastelands), the feverish synth snap of Meat Market (my personal favourite) and synapse meltdown of Kash Konverters ... Elsewhere there are more nuggets to latch on to like the nascent noise of Teen Trash or the lurking synth omens of Deep Red (nice Argento touchstone there too). This is the Adelaide equivalent of the All Day Breakfast compilation that came out in 2012, shining a deserved light on the Real Bad fringe dwellers in the Brisbane music scene (although calling Blank Realm a fringe dweller is a stretch nowadays...).

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