Thursday 22 January 2015

Fortunate Visions Of A Metallic Country

London experimentalists Vision Fortune are adept at creating dark repetitive dystopias that are hypnotic, off-kilter and off-putting - yet inimitably danceable. Taking a queue from likeminded twisted wizards Liars, their approach to music is devilish yet playful - like a cat playing with a dying mouse. Yet we all enjoy watching brutal animal documentaries, right? David Attenborough is a global treasure based on our morbid fascination with the dog-eat-dog world. So it goes with Vision Fortune's second album Country Music (their first on ATP Recordings - out in February 10), which they will be touring around Europe in March (I'll be in Australia when they play the Ace Hotel in London, unfortunately). 'Dry Mouth' has been out for a couple months, but it's good to delve into its metallic allure, a carapace of vice and disarray, once more.

And now there is this second taste, 'Back Crawl II', a seemingly more insular, percolating track that devolves into a chaotic mess of metal and mire. Excellent.

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