Wednesday 28 September 2011

VIDEO VACUUM - Times New Viking, Big Troubles, Cool Cult, Apparat

Just spent the day in Bundaberg. Went out to Bagara to the beach, ate fish and chips, had a couple of rums... That was it. Not much to do out here except marvel at the sugar cane. That said, what the hell is with the polar bear being the mascot for Bundaberg Rum? Its bloody hot around here. That bastard should have perished by now. Unless they use the rum as some kind of embalming fluid - which makes some kind of sense...

Enough of the crap, on with the vids! First up are Ohio native Times New Viking and a lo fi effort to promote their 'Try Harder' single. It's just a killer song, like all of their Dancer Equired album, and is here based on that. The video has replay quality too, so its pretty much irresistible.

Times New Viking - Try Harder from POPFRENZY HQ on Vimeo.

New Jersey quirksters Big Troubles are launching their new album Romantic Comedy through Slumberland Records, and its a very interesting, and somewhat difficult , listen - a fair leap from the excellent slacker effort of last year Worry, that's for sure. Im going to live with it a little while longer before making a decision, but this video for single 'Sad Girls' is pretty damn ace regardless. (And please visit their page above - its an Angelfire site so crappily amazing!)

Big Troubles - Sad Girls from Slumberland Records on Vimeo.

Auckland, New Zealand's Cool Cult have made their first ever video, for the track 'Tomorrow'. The track itself is a little more sinister than we generally get from this noise pop act, has a slight A Place To Bury Strangers vibe due to the abrasiveness of the guitars, and this can only be a very good idea.

Finally, Apparat can do no wrong! His The Devil's Walk album is seriously good, and this video for the new track 'Song Of Los' is another stellar indicator of this. Seriously, people, take note! This is some great stuff right here!


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