Monday 12 September 2011

VIDEO VACUUM - UMO, St. Spirit, The Boom Bang, Jay-Z/Kanye

New week, new day, and I am chasing my tail already. So much I want to get done but I won't be able to do any of it - it's like having a camera and being asked to only take photos of other cameras (or rolls of film - the analogy is weird and totally random, and it is an in-joke, but Im rattled and caffeinned up to the yin yang, so you will have to excuse this one...) So let's procrastinate, shall we?

Who doesn’t want to hear foreign pop break beats, psychedelic riffs, and out-of-this world vocals that make you think you’re listening to a young Michael Jackson-think “Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough”- performed in a futuristic building in Yugoslavia? How about a video-driven music discovery platform, documenting the most talented emerging musicians from around the world? Well the truly innovative Noisey collective (curated by VICE and backed by Dell and Intel) have been scoping the world for new talent and music scenes to bring to the videomatic masses, one of the best initiative going, and recently they flew to Los Angeles to see what outer space was like by filming Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s infectious live set at L.A.’s Satellite. Noisey.Com’s segment includes an intimate interview to get the low down on the mysterious band mates, life on the road and getting weird on the streets of L.A. Watch the below clip then follow avidly kids!

One of Sonic Masala's "discoveries," Philly louts The Boom Bang have released this lo-fi vid for new single "Vietnomnomnom" off their LP World War Fun (through Nice People Records). It's more of the same loud, shambolic fun - and it's exactly what we need on a Death March Monday! Crank it up...

The Boom Bang - Vietnomnomnom from The Boom Bang on Vimeo.

Now here is something a little different. I was sent this last week - a music video by a band called St. Spirit. St. Spirit are a band of 19-year-olds from South London, who love Brian Wilson and My Bloody Valentine... All good things mind you, but that could describe anyone. Then I listened, and watched, and was blown away by this band. This isn't some half-arsed first attempt at a video in the parentals' backyard whilst they have nipped down to the shops. The animations fits beautifully with the melodic track and has made a mighty impression...

And finally, who doesn't need some bombast to chew on at the start of the working week? Who better to dish out the pomp than Kanye West and his bud Jay-Z. Sure, Watch The Throne is good but underwhelming. But if every track had a powerful, provocative video like 'No Church In The Wild' does, it would make heads explode. Having Odd Future crooner Frank Ocean on the periphery certainly boosts things too...

Kanye West and Jay Z - No Church In The Wild (music video) from High5Collective on Vimeo.


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