Wednesday 28 September 2011

Nerves Junior Won't Put Out Your Night Light

This week is big on the Crash Avenue-endorsed recordings. Yesterday we had Color Radio, and later in the week we have a couple more. Today, though, it's all about Nerves Junior.

As Bright As Your Night Light is the Louisville quartet's debut LP, it came out earlier this month, and its a nice slice of left-of-centre shimmering rock, shuffling along with the right amount of cool whimsy before it either explodes in electric fury, implodes into introspective weariness, or swaggers into the sunset, six-shooters and disco balls slung over the shoulders. Think Women with more theatrics, or My Morning Jacket with a little less bombast. The title track is a bit Kasabian yet with the arrogant bullshit dialled down - an immensely good thing. This joint goes hard - its a killer debut.

Grab As Bright As Your Night Light here - it's pretty much an imperative.

Nerves Junior - Champagne & Peaches
Nerves Junior - Get Left In The Dark

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