Wednesday 28 September 2011

Slip Off Your Sarongs

I haven't always been the biggest supporter of cassettes as being the only form of media that music can come out on. Sure, the retro value is pretty gold, but its more annoying (in my opinion) than a CD, with none of the retaining value of its vinyl counterpart. That said, I won't ignore anything that comes out on tape exclusively, hence trying New York act Sarongs' first tape (on Prison Art Tapes). Its quite a clear recording, a bit different that many bands take, and it pays enormous dividends. This is evil dissonant black surf weirdness, with a wicked sense of humour, enough sleaze to fill a high heel boot and give you eighteen forms of VD.
Only 50 copies exist, which is balls, so hunting the digital recordings down of the net are a must. There is word of vinyl pressings and a re release though, plus an LP, so keep the flame burning for this wicked release - it's insidiously rad.

Sarongs - North FaceSarongs - Pixel

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