Friday 16 September 2011

Civil Civic - Breakin' The Rules

FINALLY! Civil Civic have announced that their debut album, called Rules, will be out November 7! And to tide you over, here is a track off it. Typical CC, awesome way to see out the Friday (and see in my two week holiday!)

PS If you haven't checked out Civil Civic's blog, do so immediately. One of the best reads on the net - FACT.

PPS. Its my sister's wedding today. In Dalston. Im on the other side of the world. Very sad day. Love you Sezz, best of luck and love to you and Si on this day. Now Im off to celebrate in the only way I know how - by getting absolutely the most positive, "I love the world" way possible. Come join me!!!


  1. Civil Civic HQ is in Dalston. They were not invited to attend your sisters wedding. FACT.

    and thanks for the post

  2. Haha! Sounds like someone's a little touchy...tell you what, next time my sister gets married, you will get an immediate invite - either as page boys or flower girls, whichever you'd prefer...

    Really looking forward to the album guys.