Wednesday 14 September 2011

October, October, A Dark Week Of No Anchor...

Back in May of this year, hedonistic (at least in theory) sludge-rock band No Anchor released their third album Real Pain Supernova. Big shows, gushing reviews and sell-outs of the first LP print ensuring the band have a little crumb in the pocket. Now they are pumping out a second pressing (because they are gluttonous, money-hungry bastards) and have a national tour booked, which finishes up with an almighty 1-2 combo - a support slot with Japanese noise monoliths Mono in Perth, then a 'residency' of seven consecutive nights at Brisbane's The Waiting Room. Cramming into the tiny West End venue promises to be a balltearer (or possibly a ballache - how much punishment can one take?), and for better or worse, Im taking on the seven day challenge.


Wed, Sept 21 - The Croatian Club, Newcastle NSW
Sat, Sept 24 – The Old Bar, Melbourne, VIC
Sun, Sept 25 – The Squatters Arms Hotel, Adelaide SA
Mon, Sept 26 – The Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, VIC
Tues, Sept 27 – The Make It Up Club, Bar Open, Melbourne, VIC
Thurs, Sept 29 – The Patch, Wollongong, NSW
Fri, Sept 30 – Repressed Records (Afternoon Show), Sydney NSW
Fri, Sept 30 – Tone St, Sydney, NSW
Sat, Oct 1 – The Tatts Hotel, Lismore, NSW
Sun, Oct 9 – The Bakery, Perth WA w/ Mono (Japan)
Sat, Oct 15 – The Waiting Room, Brisbane QLD
Sun, Oct 16 – The Waiting Room, Brisbane QLD
Mon, Oct 17 – The Waiting Room, Brisbane QLD
Tues, Oct 18 – The Waiting Room, Brisbane QLD
Wed, Oct 19 – The Waiting Room, Brisbane QLD
Thurs, Oct 20 – The Waiting Room, Brisbane QLD
Fri, Oct 21 – The Waiting Room, Brisbane QLD

Shut My Mouth by No Anchor

Dead Pony by No Anchor

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