Thursday 8 September 2011

Weekend Get All Red And Hazel-Eyed

You might remember from last year how much I enjoyed San Francisco band Weekend's Sports LP. The guys have been touring incessantly on the strength of that release, but they havent sat idle in the recording department. September 20 sees the trio releasing an EP, Red, through Slumberland Records, and whilst the production veil has been raised just a tad, enough to see the lips as it were, the rest of the sound remains shrouded in a heavy latticework of visceral noise. Therefore there is a slight warmth there that didnt exist before, especially on the track 'Hazel' which you can have at below. This is all in preparation for another longplayer that is in the works - a nice tide over for that launch is always nice.

Red's tracklist:

1. Sweet Sixteen
2. Hazel
3. Your Own Nothing
4. The One You Want
5. Golfers

Pre-order it here.

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