Wednesday 7 September 2011

Fat History Month Fuck My Despair Away

This album is good. Not great, but good. However I cannot for the life of me get this one track out of my head, and for that reason alone I have to mention Fat History Month.

The Boston duo have put out this LP, Fucking Despair (through Sophmore Lounge) , and the title track, for its one minute and forty-three second duration, kills me. I dont know how often I have put it on repeat this past fortnight. If I cant sleep, i put this on repeat. If Im marking assignments, on repeat. If Im eating a quesadilla - yep, on repeat. It's such an addictive little number. There are some solid tracks on here - 'Free As A Cat', 'Old Smokers' and the elongated 'You Can Pick Your Nose But You Can't Escape Your Horrible Family' are all winners - but none hold a flame to the minimal indie malaise of 'Fucking Despair', especially when it builds to a climax which I wish would stretch out into forever. Cheers lads.

Fat History Month are currently touring with a band from Brisbane, Kitchen's Floor, all over the US. Make sure you check em out (dates are here) - I reckon you will be blown away. Buy Fucking Despair here (or at least listen to Side A and see what you think - it's pretty good...)

Fat History Month - Fucking Despair

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