Friday 16 September 2011

VIDEO VACUUM - Trash Talk, Gross Relations, Youth Lagoon, Thralls

Ah, not long now til its holiday time for me. Two weeks of doing sweet f-all - other than more of this, and finishing up my novel. And seeing Sebadoh. And drinking with Akron/Family as Ill be their gracious host. And seeing Moon Duo. And watching Breaking Bad. And eating awesome breakfasts. And playing "old" Xbox games. And buying a suit. And buying a bed base and a chest of drawers - cos living like a smack addict, whilst having many perks, is getting a bit old... I guess I wont be relaxing too much then. But it will be 14 days of boozy malaise, so cant complain really...

Which is why Im starting off today's Video Vacuum with those crazy Sacramento kids Trash Talk and their video for 'Awake', off their new EP out next month through True Panther Records. Its typically balltearingly awesome...

We posted 'Blame The Records' earlier in the year, and now Brooklyn upstarts Gross Relations have just launched an EP, Come Clean. Its a fuzzy dream of garage pop, the hooks deceptively hidden yet razor sharp. This is the video for the eponymous track. Suffice to say, it's bloody good.

Gross Relations - Come Clean / Official Video from grossrelations on Vimeo.

Now, I thought about putting this video first. Not necessarily because the song is better than the others on display here - all tracks here are worthy. But this video for Youth Lagoon's 'Montana' (as done by Tyler T Williams) is fucking fantastic. Youth Lagoon is actually one hell of an exciting artist, and his forthcoming LP The Age Of Hibernation (out Sept 27 through Fat Possum) promises to be something special.

Youth Lagoon - Montana from Tyler T Williams on Vimeo.

Finally we have San Franciscans Thralls, whose 'Fogger' single follows up their nice Pomegranates 7" from earlier this year. It shows a nice natural progression for the band, and is a languid way out into the ether.


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