Monday 26 September 2011


I don't think I have ever publicised a book here at Sonic Masala before (other than Shakey, the best biography ever...Neil Young is a god), but there is a first for everything. Besides, when the author is none other than G.W. Sok, who in 1979 co-founded the brilliant Dutch genre breakers The Ex, its useless to try to resist. After almost 1,400 concerts in Holland and abroad, and 25 record albums later, Sok left the group at the end of 2008 (hence the new vocalist for last album Catch My Shoe - which worked very well, and the live show I saw them play last year is living proof of that). A Mix of Bricks & Valentines showcases the lyrics G.W. Sok wrote during his three decade period of Ex-istance. More than 250 songs of agitprop lyrics, poetry, and rantings are included along with an introduction by the author discussing his development as a writer, and a foreword by John Robb. Ive put my pre-order in, you should too.

And now for something dissonant and irreverent...

The Ex - Maybe I Was The Pilot

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  1. the ex is truly a great band....I saw them playing too, with the new singer, and it was a great night

    that song is awesome too!