Monday 19 September 2011

All Aboard The FFS Locrian

I haven't had much to do with Flingco Sound System in the past half year, yet there is an excellent release out now that is well worth making time reacquainting. The 7" single from Locrian actually opens with a cover, Krautrock act Popol Vuh's 'Dort ist Der Weg', and it is fucking amazing - motorik in the seventh level of a Paradise Lost. The sound is immaculate too - it is by far the best I have ever heard the Chicago noise torturers sound. The B-side then is left for a new track, 'Frozen In Ash'. Having been spending much of my time listening to FFS-championed Brisbane trio No Anchor, I have left Bruce and his minions alone for a while - but if this is the first of many releases to blow my mind coming out of his Hellhole, expect me to become an avid acolyte again in short order.

As always the vinyl looks purty too - check it out below, grab it here:

Locrian - Dort Ist Der Weg

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