Monday 5 September 2011

Buffalo Killers Come In 3's

It's weird sometimes how people come together over music. I met a young lady some time back whose musical interests did not mirror mine in the slightest - Lykke Li and Joanna Newsom was the closest we came to a compromise. Lucky there were other things that worked for us... Anyway, I had just seen Buffalo Killers play a solid show at the Breeders curated ATP, and literally the following week she was playing it on her stereo. I knew I hadnt mentioned them to her, so I felt almost betrayed that she had some good taste and hadnt bothered to share with me. Turns out she loved the Black Angels too. That fact alone prolonged the relationship for a couple more months...

Anyway, before more personal asides get me into trouble, we have a new Buffalo Killers album on the loose. 3 harbours more quiet moments than psych wigouts - therefore more reminiscent of Neil Young and his spiritual brethren Crazy Horse fucking things up (think a less drunken, more thought-provoking Tonight's The Night...). Its pretty tasty stuff.

Buffalo Killers - Love Is Gold

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