Friday 30 September 2011

An Induction Pattern

Over at Melodic, there is movement at the station. On Monday 3rd October will be the release of the debut single by Manchester band Patterns (on Melodic). Made up of Ciaran McAuley (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Alex Hillhouse (bass/samplers), Jamie Lynch (drums) and Laurence Radford (guitar/samplers) – Patterns emerge out of the darkness with both ‘Induction’ and ‘Throwing Stones’ echoing through their rural hideout’s open terrain and almost cinematic space, evoking a setting where time becomes irrelevant, cast aside as the manmade creation it is, and days become lost in quiet reflection, a melancholic tinge affecting the tracks as a result.

The Induction 7" will be available, all 500, clear copies of them! Pre-order it here.

Patterns - 'Induction' by Melodic Records

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