Thursday 1 September 2011

Super Summers! Eternal Vacations! Sounds Good, But...

We here at Sonic Masala are massive fans of Virginian duo Eternal Summers - their Silver LP was an underrated gem of last year, fitting in perfectly with mates Reading Rainbows' Prism Eyes (also underrated, and as an aside the two bands are touring the US together - an ace show to catch guys!!!) We are also impartial to fellow Virginians The Super Vacations, whose Thicker Milk album also took me by surprise. So when the news came out that the two bands were doing a split 7" called The Mystic Fortress Sessions Vol 1, I was more than a little excited.

Sadly, however, the end result wasn't as great as it could have been. Put out on Funny / Not Funny Records, the two bands put out some new tracks, and for me, 'On My Honour' is on of Eternal Summers' least endearing tracks. It is something we have heard them play before, yet here it is almost yawn-inducing - the conviction that we know in love has gone MIA. Their "acoustic" number, 'Half The Time (Stripped Back Version)' is a warmer, more interesting take, in that it is accessible and shows some of the indelible traits that makes ES such a lovable band. The Super Vacations fare better, as the slightly crisper production values here infuse 'Picnic' and 'Beer League' with an inherent garagey goofiness, inclement of the heat of summer which the Northern hemisphere is exiting and us Aussies are getting the thirst for.

So it's not an out and out loss at all - its just that when it comes to Eternal Summers, I hold a high bar - and although they only clipped it by a fraction, they still clipped it.

The Super Vacations - Picnic
Eternal Summers - Half The Time (Stripped Down Version)

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