Sunday 18 September 2011

Tigers Get Me Psyched

I mentioned the project by 16 yo NZer Sam Perry a little while back. If you've forgotten already, he goes under the name Psych Tigers, and you can check out what we thought back then here. He also plays in a surf punk band called Beach Arab, but let's keep the focus solely on this EP. Perry basically morphed into a psych tiger when mucking about with a long, languid psychedelic jam, that through osmosis took shape into more concise songs. Whilst we played 'Crystal Methods' earlier, the first track off the EP, 'Glitter', was the genesis of all of this. And its pretty killer. Perry flitters amongst dream pop, trashy garage punk (think NZ kin The Mint Chicks, especially with 'Take Off Ur Disguise') and the aforementioned psychedelic spice. Its raw, its rudimentary at times, but damn if it isn't a perfect launch pad.

Grab the EP here.

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