Tuesday 6 September 2011

Cuckoo Chaos Are Doing It For The Woman

Cuckoo Chaos is an interesting bunch of guys. Hailing from San Diego, the five-piece hold a strange musical netherland, somewhere akin to Arthur Russell covering Paul Simon. Sure, the tropical pop genre moniker will rear its ugly head, and they bear a lot of resemblances to London's Fair Ohs, but on their upcoming LP Woman (out through Lefse), Cuckoo Chaos show that there is more madness in their method. Take single and opening track, 'Jesus American Flag Fish'. In the band's own words - "Imagine a Jesus on a flag attached to a flag pole. At the base of the flag pole is a school of fish in the shape of America. We are Cuckoo Chaos." No faux Harvard intellectualism here - Cuckoo Chaos just like having joyous, unabashed fun.

Grab a pre-order of Woman here.

Cuckoo Chaos - Jesus American Flag Fish
Cuckoo Chaos - Just Ride It

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