Monday 26 September 2011


Yeah, those capitals were warranted...

I remember the first thing I knew about Electrelane. I randomly bought Axes from the local record store, Rockinghorse Records, heard 'Bells' and that was it, I was in love. I immediately went out and bought second album The Power's Out (not bad) and first LP Rock It To The Moon (amazing). As luck would have it, the Brighton quartet played Brisbane a few months later. It was a sweaty night at the Zoo, but Mia Clarke was so hot, rocking out on her guitar with her Ramones T-shirt on. The rest of the band were so tight and it swirled around my head for days. I didnt get to meet Mia (sigh...) but I did catch up with bassist Rachel Dalley, and as I expected she was really cool. They released No Shouts No Calls (pretty good) after this...then broke up.

Then as we mentioned earlier in the year, the girls (Clarke, Dalley, Verity Susman and Emma Gaze) got back together. They played London's Field Day. They played the Euro summer festivals. And from all reports, they have been killing it. This makes me so happy that it's very hard to articulate. Anyway, they havent announced plans to tour to Australia yet, but whilst we continue to wish and hope, here is the entire performance they gave at the French rock festival La Route du Rock (complete with setlist!). In short - amazing!!! Happy Monday people!!!!!


  1. Anonymous21/2/12 00:41

    Hello Brendan,

    A friend sent a link to this post, so I wanted to let you know that Electrelane will be playing in Australia in March 2012. We will be back at The Zoo on March 24. Thanks for the nice write up!




  2. Thank you Mia! Im glad you like the write up. I am so excited that you are returning...but I am best man at a wedding that night! Talk about timing! Is it weird if the best man leaves the the wedded couple at the altar?


    Have a great tour, hopefully we will cross paths again!