Wednesday 21 September 2011

No Burning Whines From Palmist

Palmist Records have just released a sweet 12" split between two like minded Portland bands, The Whines and Burning Yellows.

We mentioned the fantastic Shootinhead 7" that The Whines put out earlier this year here, and the five tracks they contribute here is further notice that this trio are the goods. 'Electric Current' has that languid, bluesy swagger that has eyelids at half mast and a lazy sway that is irresistible. It's Karianne Oudman's vocals that do this, which proves deceptive when the rusty, squalling guitars kick in on the likes of 'Belt Of Scalps.'

I hadn't heard any of Burning Yellows before and they have some good tracks here, especially the first two, 'Blanks' and 'Drains' - the chugging rhythms and reverb-heavy vocals echo down the dusty telephone line to almost fill the void that the new defunct Meth Teeth have left. 'False Horizons' hints at other realms though, an adherence to MOR and shoegaze mores that could create a heady mix as the trio continues to grow. Palmist have done well teaming these two entities up, and you would do well to grab this release up pronto.

Burning Yellows - False Horizons
The Whines - Electric Current

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