Tuesday 27 September 2011

Color Radio Crash Into The Architects

The love pouring forth from Crash Avenue continues. Chicago's Color Radio are releasing Architects, and its an album that is awash with 90s math indie rock, some kitschy organ and a lot of spunk. You hear Blonde Redhead in the opening third, a splash of Cold War Kids or Tapes n Tapes in their early years before they lost their way, and a striving for a English-style sonic tapestry (especially on tracks like 'Sharks [in a sequence]') that enriches the sound of Architects tenfold. Its an immersive listen, and one that rewards repeatedly - a nice little surprise from a small, little known band.

Architects is out in October - pre-order it here.

Color Radio - Vespers
Color Radio - Sharks [in a sequence]

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