Wednesday 28 September 2011

Bombay Sweets Dropping Bombs

Its been a great week for small acts coming out of the woodwork with great lil releases, and Minneapolis duo The Bombay Sweets are intent to let the good times roll. Im really diffing their new 6 song 'S/T', which showcases many categorical touchstones without standing still long enough to get pigeonholed - other than the lo-fi nature of the recordings, which to me sound more of a necessity than a trendy career move. Possessing many elements of stripped down garage, minimal proto-punk, primitive Americana/rockabilly, and volcanic surf - The Bombay Sweets (out through Phantom Form on a stunning split color light pink/lime green split, single sided 12") is an energising set of tracks that will soundtrack the incoming season, regardless where you are in the world right now (although the Australian summer certainly feels the best fit - but I may be a little biased there...) Grab the EP here.


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