Saturday 17 September 2011

Two EPs That Slipped Through The Net - Avalanche Ammo/Mittenfields

It has been a hectic few weeks for me, juggling a myriad jobs and responsibilities with varying degrees of success. Sometimes I kept all the balls up in the air, but occasionally I grass a couple. So today, Im embarking on making amends to a few parties who have waited patiently for me to get my act together - starting with the next two acts.

First up is Anthony Boland, or as he'd preferably be known, Avalanche Ammo. The Irish maestro has, in his 4 track EP Animals, showcased a wild flourish of math-rock instrumental prowess that is incredible considering that the breadth and strength of sound coming out of the speakers could be a fully-blown band with years of innate experience. Boland realises that sometimes the strength in these tracks is not length but brevity, delivered in frenetic, incisive stabs at the eardrums. Its all well realised and, when you consider other bands such as And So I Watch You From Afar, bodes well for the future of exciting and groundbreaking instrumental rock from the Emerald Isle.

Avalanche Ammo - Pony Up
Avalanche Ammo - Owl Speak

Mittenfields have been on my radar even longer than Avalanche Ammo, seeing as I received their debut EP The Fresh Sum before its release date back in July. The Washington indie act scratch at the surface of paranoiac rock a la Modest Mouse, yet with broader, more grandiose brush strokes. They have piqued the interest of others such as The Dismemberment Plan, which is always a nice leg up, yet if the strength of opening track 'Mixed Signals (On The Rocks)' is any indication, they are doing enough on their own to do well.

Mittenfields - Mixed Signals (On The Rocks)

There will be a few more posts this week (Im looking at you, Battle Avenue, Psych Tigers and Silver Wren) - I hope these make amends. And for the rest of you - what are you waiting for? Have at it!

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